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TestGenius OPAC Certification for Classrooms

Prepare Students with Skills Testing and Certification!

TestGenius is the premiere PC, software, and office skills testing suite. With an array of over 50 exams, and the power to create your own tests, The OPAC System is one of the most comprehensive testing packages available to instructors to prepare students with job-ready skills. Watch this video to listen to one CTE instructor’s success with the OPAC Testing and Certification program.

Educational clients use the TestGenius tests to ensure that students, both secondary and post-secondary, have the necessary software skills for today’s technologically demanding job environment. The software tests skills and abilities in all the Microsoft® Office word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Office skills tests include keyboarding, proofreading, data entry, and transcription.

Why do career and business education clients love TestGenius?

  • It motivates business and career development students to do their best. The OPAC assessments offer immediate feedback on a student’s skill level and progress.
  • OPAC is designed to give students a "real world" taste of using their office, clerical and Microsoft Office software skills.
  • TestGenius is self-administering and self-scoring, so it saves educators time by not having to fully administer and score the tests themselves.
  • TestGenius OPAC Certification is a valuable incentive and career development tool for the students.

TestGenius OPAC Certification for Students

Educators are using TestGenius for pre-testing and post-testing business education and office education students. Others are using it as an exit exam and offering TestGenius OPAC certificates upon completion. Since TestGenius measures critical skills & abilities in a modern, job-related manner, it is an ideal certification and testing solution for the business office education classroom and career development program.

One of the best things a teacher can do for their students is to help provide them with the opportunities necessary to succeed in the workplace. TestGenius OPAC Certification will not only document their success in certain office and clerical skills but provide those same students with encouragement to pursue and succeed in related careers.

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