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Pay Equity, Wage Gap, and Compliance Investigations

Pay Equity Analysis Using Multiple Regression and Small Sample Size Methodologies

The spotlight on equal pay continues to be magnified by emerging, and evolving, state laws, federal enforcement regulations, and legal decisions. Employers can no longer rest on the assumption that they provide equal pay across their organization. They must make concerted efforts through proactive analyses to ensure compensation parity amongst their employees.

As a national leader in pay equity, wage gap, and compliance investigations, Biddle Consulting Group is here to help. Regardless of the size of your organization or the need you are addressing (compliance, legal, or social) there is a solution through Biddle's modern pay equity analysis services.

Pay Equity Analysis

Ensure employees doing substantially similar work are equally paid

  • Rank order potential problem areas
  • Confidently determine the cost of remediation
  • Identify financial liability for affected individual employees
  • Address potential state-level aggregation challenges
  • Mitigate potential claims of discrimination based on compensation disparity

Wage Gap and Pay Bias Analysis

Determine the impact of difference in pay between male/female employees

  • Identify high-paying male dominated roles
  • Understand the effect of the 'glass ceiling'
  • Uncover potential 'steering' and/or promotional issues
  • Evaluate market forces impacting pay
  • Trend year-over-year impact
  • Identify patterns of systemic pay bias

Equal Pay Laws

Analysis designed to address state and federal pay equity laws and/or reactively respond to claims of compensation discrimination

  • Executive Order 11246
  • OFCCP Pay Analysis Groupings (Similar Employee Groupings) to mirror compensation discrimination analyses under OFCCP Compensation Audit
  • Mimic Title VII Pay Analysis
  • Federal Equal Pay Act
  • Other state-level reporting requirements, including:
    • California Fair Pay Act
    • New York Achieves Pay Equity
    • Maryland Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
    • Massachusetts Equal Pay Act
    • Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPEWA)
    • and more...

Compensation analysis done the right way!

Why Choose Biddle for Pay Equity?

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