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CritiCall® Dispatcher / Calltaker Testing and Training Software: Dispatcher Computer and Multi-Tasking Skills

Part of the TestGenius Pre-Employment Testing Suite, CritiCall software tests 911 and public-safety dispatcher, calltaker, and telecommunicator applicants for the multitasking and computer skills necessary in today's dispatch and telecommunication environment. CritiCall provides agencies the power to evaluate the actual skills and multi-tasking abilities coveted in a computer-aided telecommunication environment. CritiCall is available online (unproctored) or locally for proctored test administration.

Great candidates are just a test away!

CritiCall will instantly become a centerpiece of your organization’s dispatcher / calltaker applicant testing process. Testing is completely automated, and CritiCall's modular construction allows for the individualized testing your agency needs. If it’s custom tests you need, the powerful Test Writer feature allows for the development of virtually any test in virtually any format.

Test, Train, and Retain with CritiCall and TactiCall

TactiCall is the training component of the CritiCall program. TactiCall allows an agency’s dispatchers to role-play directly with the computer. Using your own custom training scenarios, the dispatchers are able to interact with the computer, which “listens” for specific key words to be used in responding to each call. TactiCall’s training focus is on the two most important aspects of the job:

  • What the dispatcher says—Following the agency’s protocols and procedures for each kind of call
  • How the dispatcher says it—Maintaining proper voice control so the caller can hear and understand what they are saying
Download the Report: Study Shows that CritiCall Predicts Candidate Success on the Job! (PDF)

911 dispatcher skills tests include:

  • Decision Making
  • Data Entry
  • Call Summarization
  • Cross Referencing
  • Character Comparison
  • Memory Recall
  • Prioritization
  • Mathematics
  • Probability
  • Map Reading
  • Position Locating
  • Spelling
  • Proofreading
  • Sentence Clarity
  • Reading Comprehension

CritiCall presents increasingly challenging tests, many of which require the applicant to multi-task as one would in the actual dispatch environment. Those applicants who are unable to multi-task or interface quickly and accurately with the computer (or both) often remove themselves from the selection process. Serving as a realistic job preview (RJP), CritiCall easily weeds out those applicants who do not possess the critical skills needed for success on the job.

Integration with Popular Applicant Tracking Software
CritiCall can operate independently but can also integrate seamlessly with applicant tracking programs such as NEOGOV’s Insight and iCIMS (with more becoming available all the time). Agencies can simply send testing links to applicants. Applicants can then take the required assessments and their scores are uploaded back to the applicant tracking program.


CritiCall is part of the TestGenius pre-employment testing suite.

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