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Physical Ability Testing

Partnering With WorkSTEPS, the Leading Provider of Functional Employment Testing

BCG has partnered with WorkSTEPS, the leading provider of functional employment testing, to develop PAVE - the premiere tool for developing validated physical ability tests.

PAVE, Physical Ability Validity Evaluator, is a software program that dynamically creates a physical ability test event and simultaneously creates a validation report. Organizations who currently perform, or are interested in performing, post-offer physical ability tests and fit-for-duty return to work testing should seriously consider adopting this service available through WorkSTEPS. The entire process is designed to address the Uniform Guidelines section 14C on content validation and section 15C on reporting. This focus provides unprecedented defensibility for organizations needing to offer physical ability tests to their employees.

The exclusive WorkSTEPS - Biddle Consulting Group partnership provides unprecedented legal defensibility of the WorkSTEPS functional employment test, already recognized as the industry’s gold-standard. The PAVE tool, for the first time, automates the creation of testing criteria to yield objective and defensible functional employment tests.

WorkSTEPS is the leading national provider of functional pre-employment and post-injury testing programs used by corporations nationwide. Corporations use WorkSTEPS’ proprietary tests to determine the overall fitness of employment candidates to perform essential job functions and tasks.

PAVE Overview Video

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