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Introducing TestGenius

The online pre-employment testing suite that’s so smart, it’s GENIUS!


Test. Train. Retain.

Three easy steps that provide a world of value to employers.

Test. Train. Retain.

What About Validation?

Find out what validation is and how TestGenius makes it easy for you to create a validation report.

What is validation?

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Biddle Consulting Group?

Meet the developers of TestGenius - a firm with decades of experience dedicated to providing the highest quality of EEO products & services.

Biddle Consulting Group

Test, Train, and Retain with TestGenius®!

Experience for yourself the ultimate employment testing platform. Easy to use. Secure. Defensible. TestGenius® uses a simple four-step process to identify the right person for the job!

TestGenius includes several modules so that employers can mix and match, licensing only those modules that are appropriate for their own hiring situations. TestGenius can be administered online or deployed on your server, allowing testing to take place everywhere, or only at specific locations—your choice.

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Office Skills Testing

OPAC is the modern office and computer skills testing module of the TestGenius platform. This module includes several Microsoft Office® assessments (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) as well as typing speed/accuracy and many other important modern office skills tests. Work sample tests, such as those in OPAC, provide a realistic preview of the job to applicants which can often lead to reduced turnover.

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Dispatcher Skills Testing

CritiCall is the dispatcher and tele-communicator testing module of the TestGenius platform. CritiCall will determine whether or not applicants have the skills necessary for success in this complex, multi-tasking environment. This module includes assessments in decision making, multitasking, and more. CritiCall is the market leader in dispatcher selection for 911, fire, police, EMS, hospitals, and utilities.

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Contact Center Testing

C4 is CritiCall for Contact Centers and is the commercial contact center testing module of the TestGenius platform. C4 acts like a realistic job preview to simulate the tasks needed for success in the modern contact center environment. Gone are the days where telephone conversations are the only mode of communication. Text, email and chat are all vital components, so the ability to multitask while interfacing with the computer is more critical than ever.

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Soft Skills Testing

ENCOUNTER is the soft-skills testing module of the TestGenius platform. Applicants must use emotional intelligence to determine the most-effective and least-effective responses to brief videos portraying challenging situations that we all encounter while working in the modern office. The ability to respond appropriately to a critical incident means the difference between situational success or failure.

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