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Test. Train. Retain.

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Find out what validation is and how TestGenius makes it easy for you to create a validation report.

What is validation?

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ENCOUNTER: Video-Based Situational Judgment Testing for Soft Skills

Part of the TestGenius Pre-Employment Testing Suite, ENCOUNTER offers employers soft skills testing for an additional level of pre-employment screening. A critical incident is one in which the proper response will result in a highly favorable outcome, whereas an improper response will result in a potentially distressing (or disastrous) outcome. People encounter critical incidents in the office environment every day. Some people will react appropriately and some will not. These reactions will greatly impact your organization. How can you be better equipped to know who will respond favorably?

ENCOUNTER helps to gain valuable insights into applicant reactions related to:

  • Engaging Difficult People
  • Handling Conflict
  • Office and Interpersonal Competence
  • Managing Potentially-conflicting Instructions from Multiple Supervisors

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