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OFCCP Compliance & Audit Support

Each year we successfully close hundreds of OFCCP audits in every region of the United States

Each year Biddle Consulting Group successfully assists with and closes hundreds of OFCCP audits for federal contractors in every region of the United States. As we all know, OFCCP audits are a different animal compared to those of prior administrations, and with the addition of testing and statistical experts, are more reminiscent of class-action lawsuits than the simplified audits of the past. Stakes are high - and the Department of Labor is armed with its own high-powered statisticians. BCG clients are supported by a dedicated EEO team member backed by our onsite Ph.D.s to insure the best outcome in every audit situation.

  • BCG experts have defended clients in over 1100+ audits over the past six years with zero (0) findings of discrimination (beyond technical violations).
  • BCG has never had an AAP client forced to pay "make whole relief" for a plan that BCG developed and defended.
  • Law firms and EEO Consultants regularly contract with BCG for OFCCP audit assistance.

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OFCCP Compliance Audit Strategy

Biddle's AAP consultants are highly protective of their clients and utilize an audit support strategy guaranteed to minimize exposure.

  • Recordkeeping – OFCCP has had a dramatic increase in financial remedies (133% increase since 2001) due to stringent (some say impossible) recordkeeping requirements. BCG will protect your AAPs with high-level detailed data analyses to reduce exposure and mitigate areas of adverse impact.
  • Adverse Impact – our team has years of statistical experience in EEO Litigation, making us the most qualified in the industry to address problem areas in hiring, promotional, and termination decisions.
  • Test Validation – when adverse impact is identified in a practice, procedure, test, or interview, an employer is burdened with proving validity. Our Ph.D. team has developed hundreds of valid tests, and worked for years protecting employers targeted by enforcement.
  • Compensation Pay Equity Analyses – for 45+ years BCG has used statistics and regression in EEO litigation to explain compensation disparities in thousands of audits. With the current compensation-focused audit climate, pre-submittal proactive analysis is crucial, and BCG consultants are skilled at mimicking the OFCCP compensation approach to detect and eradicate any potential disparities.
  • Corporate Management Compliance Evaluation (CMCE)/Glass Ceiling Audit – the goal of the CMCE is to identify systemic disparities in promotional and compensation practices, often resulting in considerable back-pay and interest when differences cannot be explained. Don’t let that happen to you! With a lengthy history supporting CMCEs, BCG experts will dive deeply into your compensation and promotional decisions to explain the true cause of disparities.
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