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Diversity Metrics

Find Direction in your DE&I Journey

Biddle Consulting Group’s People Insights Division is dedicated to advancing organizations’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts to go beyond the plan and effect real change. We do this through analytics and the creation of insights that are not readily available from the affirmative action plan. Then we help you leverage those insights to implement real change through training, development, and process redesign.


  • Compensation/Pay Equity
  • Talent Lifecycle
  • Multi-level and Functional Diversity
  • Team Diversity Composition
  • Mock-audits
  • Website Compliance Reviews


  • Compensation/Pay Equity
  • Pay inequities and pay gaps
  • Gaps in advancement
  • Diversity attrition in hiring processes
  • Barriers to opportunity
  • Diversity distribution heat maps
  • Diversity utilization
  • Website content/feature needs


  • Compliance training
  • Inclusion training
  • Recruitment and selection system redesign
  • Performance rating redesign
  • Promotional practice improvements
  • Compensation adjustments
  • Pay Analysis Group(PAG) development
  • Test validation
  • Custom reporting and consulting

Turn Analytics into Action!

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7 Questions to Help Guide Your DE&I Journey

You can get more out of your AAP data! Have you looked at how well leaders at different levels or functional areas are reaching goals in hiring, promotions, and turnover?

The glass ceiling is a difficult issue to overcome, but it starts by identifying and removing barriers to advancement. You need to dive deep into every aspect of your employee lifecycle. Do you understand when, where, why, and how diversity is advancing (or not) within your organization?

Using objective data to inform decision-making is your best bet. Pay and promotion decisions are no different. If you are using performance appraisal ratings as the basis for these decisions, are you confident those ratings aren’t biased themselves?

Many people look at diversity in their organization ‘on the whole’ and know the general representation. But what is the composition of the teams your diverse employees are assigned to? Do they feel included in that team?

If your entire organization is trained on equity, accessibility, inclusiveness, and belonging concepts, it’s going to bring all of your DEI efforts to fruition. Most companies fail to train adequately on these topics. Is everyone in your organization being trained on DE&I topics?

Improving your diversity position is difficult, especially during the great resignation. Attrition is often out of your control. So what do you do? Ensure you have the right sourcing, selection procedures, website/job posting content, and a host of other things to maximize your efforts in acquiring diverse employees.

Pay equity is shifting focus and is becoming an increasingly difficult task to keep up with given the new regulations and complex analyses. Are you confident that your current pay equity position will keep you ahead of compliance, social justice, and legal difficulties?

Our People Insights team can help you clarify your DE&I initiatives and answer these difficult questions.
(800) 999-0438 | staff@biddle.com

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