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Test Development & Validation

What Sets Biddle Consulting Group Apart From The Rest?

Are your organization's employment tests job-related? Are they 'valid' under equal employment opportunity (EEO) regulations? Would they be able to withstand a claim of disparate impact if challenged by a government agency or in litigation in court?

Under the provisions of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (see www.uniformguidelines.com), validation is required when a practice, procedure, or test that is used for hiring, promotion, or for making other employment decisions adversely impacts (works to the disadvantage of) a race, sex, or ethnic group protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (usually women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and/or total minorities). Validation is a process used to evaluate the job- relatedness of a practice, procedure, test or combination of these used in a selection process. The federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures is the primary benchmark that is used to determine the validity of a test by any entity bringing suit against an employer whether it be the Department of Justice, EEOC, OFCCP, or private employee attorneys.

What sets Biddle Consulting apart from other firms is our meticulous attention to detail in ensuring that our job analysis, test development, and validation work meets the rigorous requirements set forth in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. The founder of Biddle Consulting, Richard Biddle, was instrumental in helping develop the Uniform Guidelines and our job analysis, test development, and validation consulting services have been based on the Uniform Guidelines ever since. Not only does test validation increase the likelihood that qualified candidates will be selected, but it also works to help make those tests potentially more defensible if challenged. It is our mission to not only create the best tests to help you select the best people, but to provide you with the process and documentation needed to support your organization's selection activities in the event they were ever challenged. Our consulting team can provide various levels of support in order to match your organization's time constraints, staff experience levels, and budget. We can complete all the work in a consulting engagement, assist your organization in completing the work, or give your organization the tools to complete the work yourself. We can also review and provide feedback on any selection practices and/or devices you may be using or wish to use to help identify whether it is likely to address the essential requirements of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. has been providing expert consulting services in the field of test validation since 1974.

We are proud that Biddle Consulting Group's work products (job analysis, validation, and statistical adverse impact analyses) have been supported in over 200+ court cases, amongst the highest in the industry.

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