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Adverse Impact and Test Validation

Adverse Impact and Test Validation: A Practitioner's Guide

Author: Dan Biddle, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-7414-6606-6

3rd Edition
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Dan Biddle's Adverse Impact and Test Validation book provides guidelines and analysis steps that help you identify which of your selection procedures have adverse impact and how to complete a defensible validation study using court-endorsed methodologies.

The new third edition includes important updates and new content in the following areas:

  • Using Logistic Regression to Evaluate Adverse Impact
  • Challenges to Using a Validity Generalization Defense in Title VII Enforcement
  • Practical “How to” Steps for Developing a Personality Test
  • How to Develop and Validate “Work Sample” Physical Ability Tests
  • Investigating Test Bias (using statistical models)
  • Using Multiple Regression to Examine Compensation Practices
  • Evaluating the Legal Defensibility of Regression Models
  • Using Croson Studies to Develop Defensible Diversity Initiatives
  • The Ricci case and the "Strong-Basis-in-Evidence" Standard
  • Choosing the Correct Tool for Adverse Impact Analyses (limitations of the Fisher's Exact Test and using Lancaster’s mid-P as the Solution)
  • Steps for Score Banding Using the Mollenkompf-Feldt Procedure

This book also includes evaluation copies of BCG's new Test Validation & Analysis Program (TVAP™) and Adverse Impact Toolkit™. TVAP is designed to assist employers with complex testing analyses using a straight-forward Microsoft® Excel®-based program. The Toolkit provides the latest variety of court-supported methodologies for calculating adverse impact (also using Excel).

About The Author

Dan A. Biddle, Ph.D. is the CEO of Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., (BCG) a consulting firm specializing in the areas of test development/validation, Equal Employment Opportunity compliance, and Human Resource software development. Dr. Biddle is also the CEO of affiliate company, Fire & Police Selection, Inc., a firm dedicated to providing fair and defensible testing solutions to the fire services industry. BCG has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of public sector agencies in matters pertaining to these areas, and maintains over 1,000 software or service clients worldwide. BCG also provides expert witness/consulting services in state and federal litigation matters, or in response to government audits.

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