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EEO Compliance & Affirmative Action Planning

Affirmative Action Planning

Simplifying AAP development and compliance so you can focus on organizational goals. Outsource and let our experienced and knowledgeable staff do the heavy lifting or utilize myAAP™ Software to develop your Affirmative Action Plans on your own.

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OFCCP Audit & Litigation Support

BCG has successfully supported numerous contractors through hundreds of audits. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can prepare you, your data, and your AAP to increase your chances of closing a federal compliance review.

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Success Stories

"Using CritiCall has helped speed up the testing process. We went from testing quarterly to now testing as soon as we have pre-qualified applicants. We have saved money and resources and hired...
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"Tony has been absolutely wonderful and we got everything completed and submitted on time. I am so glad we decided to work with Biddle!!!.
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"911 is a support system that very few people think about until they need to dial 911. Our emergency communications center is the first voice of hope that anyone hears when calling for help...
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