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Biddle: The Foundation of Our Company

Our Story

The foundation of our company is built upon a rich history and strong corporate culture. We have been doing what we do since 1974.

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Executive Team

Our Ph.D.s and highest-ranked consultants lead the company and the industry in quality of work and staying abreast of current trends.

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Industry Partners

Our strategic partnerships complement and amplify the core knowledge that makes BCG special, so we are selective about who we place on our partner list.

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BCG’s activities in the local community and in the EEO/AA industry are worth sharing. We strive to build a mutual trust and respect with those around us.

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Success Stories

"Using CritiCall has helped speed up the testing process. We went from testing quarterly to now testing as soon as we have pre-qualified applicants. We have saved money and resources and hired...
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"Tony has been absolutely wonderful and we got everything completed and submitted on time. I am so glad we decided to work with Biddle!!!.
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"911 is a support system that very few people think about until they need to dial 911. Our emergency communications center is the first voice of hope that anyone hears when calling for help...
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