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Pay Equity Expertise

Why Biddle is the smart choice for pay equity analyses

Biddle experts lead the charge, sets trends, influences leaders, and advocate for policy change using methodologies based on decades of experience analyzing hundreds of millions of data points for clients large and small in both the private and public sectors.


  • Authors of the most widely distributed publication on modern pay equity issues: Compensation Analysis: A Practitioner’s Guide to Identifying and Addressing Compensation Disparities by Patrick M. Nooren, Ph.D.
  • Industry thought leaders Ph.D., I.O. Psychologists (Dan Kuang, Ph.D., Patrick M. Nooren, Ph.D., and Daniel Biddle, Ph.D.)
  • Decades of supporting employers with practical guidance
  • Developed the only reliable methods of analyzing small sample size (even down to 1-to-1 comparisons)
  • Developed the only reliable method of measuring pay equity under a "substantially similar" or "comparable work" legal framework. This innovative method has been tested and survived multiple legal challenges


  • Internal programming is the most advanced in the pay equity space allowing Biddle to analyze 10x more than the closest competitor
  • Created for statisticians, used by statisticians
  • Client’s pay for expertise, not number crunching

Policy Activist

  • Acting member of the NILG (National Industry Liaison Group) Pay Equity steering committee
  • Acting member of CaFPA (California Fair Pay Act) steering committee
  • Provided testimony before the (what year) U.S. Civil Rights Commission on the Wage Gap and Gender Discrimination
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