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Compensation Analysis

Pay Equity Analysis Using Multiple Regression

Over the past several years the spotlight on equal pay has been magnified by the enactment of several state laws, federal enforcement regulations, and legal decisions. Employers can no longer rest on the assumption that they provide equal pay across their organization. They must take concerted measures through proactive analyses in order to ensure compensation parity amongst their employees. Through BCG’s evaluation of compensation utilizing multivariate regression modeling, employers are able to:

  • Rank order potential problem areas
  • Confidently determine the cost of remediation
  • Identify financial liability for affected, individual employees
  • Address potential state level aggregation challenges
  • Mitigate potential claims of discrimination on the basis of compensation disparity

Biddle maintains expertise in Federal and State Laws, including but not limited to:

  • CA Fair Pay Act
  • NY Achieves Pay Equity
  • Maryland Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
  • Massachusetts Equal Pay Act
  • Federal Equal Pay Act
  • Title VII
  • Executive Order (E.O.) 11246

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Basic information about Compensation Analysis

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