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Job Analysis Consulting

Choosing qualified applicants and limiting litigation threats

Are your organization's employment tests job-related? Are they 'valid' as that term is used in equal employment opportunity (EEO)? Would they be able to withstand a claim in court of disparate impact? Validation is a process by which the job-relatedness of employment tests is determined. An employment test is any practice, procedure, or test used in the employment process.

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. can help employers in evaluating the validity of their tests using content, criterion, or construct approaches. Not only does test validation increase the likelihood that qualified candidates will be selected, but it also makes those tests more defensible in court.

BCG is also the developer of the Guidelines Oriented Job Analysis® (GOJA®) process for developing fair and validated selection processes and determining the essential functions of a position. In addition, it can help organizations create Job Descriptions, Selection Plans, Supplemental Application Form, and Performance Appraisal Forms.

Want to Know More About Biddle's Automated Job Analysis Program (AutoGOJA)?

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