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As the longest running consulting firm in the EEO industry, Biddle Consulting Group (BCG) has a team of compliance experts recognized as the most knowledgeable in the nation. We have a winning methodology highly respected by the OFCCP, and each year we successfully support over 200 OFCCP and FTA audits for our clients, who range in size from small companies to large Fortune 100 organizations, as well as outside attorneys and their clients. BCG plans are based on the statistical expertise of Drs. Dan Biddle, Patrick Nooren, and Dan Kuang, and reflect the highest data integrity as the result of our rigorous multi-pass data process.

BCG outsourcing clients are assigned to and work directly with a dedicated consultant and AAP development team. BCG understands that every client is unique, and will tailor your project timeline and AAPs to conform to your organization’s specific goals and requirements. Your AAP will be completed utilizing powerful customization tools found in our proprietary software, myAAP Software Solution, the strongest most flexible program available. BCG’s multi-layered EEO training package is designed to meet the education needs of every skill level on your team. Our standard for customer service ensures frequent, relaxed communication, speedy resolution of urgent requests, and the happiest clients in the industry.

The BCG outsourcing client experience offers:myAAP Solution

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